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what kind of fluid does a 5 speed manual transmission take - honda manual transmission fluid is recommended for a 5 speed manualb16a motor amsoil manual transmission fluid will also work in a5 speed manual b16a motor, what type of fluid does a manual transmission use snth - never put automatic transmission oil in a manual transmission tranny oil dextron ha ha lmao that is for automatic in manual you use gear oil there is a synthetic gear oil made to replace the petroleum type but it is still not the same as what goes in auto tranny, oil chart manual transmission drivetrain com - wondering what fluid to used in your manual transmission below find the answer to what fluid do i need it is important to use the correct fluid oil in you manual transmission the vehicle manufacturers have done extensive testing to specify the correct fluid, what type of fluid does a manual transmission use - your manual tranny uses gear oil not atf depending on how much mileage you have will determine what weight gear oil hit me back if you need more info if the car does not have an automatic transmission you would not use atf as it stands for automatic transmission fluid, honda civic manual transmission fluid bob is the oil guy - engine oil is so far away from an ideal fluid for a synchronized manual transmission i would only use in an emergency manual fluid changes are so infrequent and this unit probably only takes like 2 quarts i would just tell him to save up for the real juice either some honda amsoil or redline mtf, manual transmission fluid application guide carquest - with so many automatic transmission fluids it s hard to choose the one best suited for each vehicle as the trusted leader in transmission and drive line fluid applications valvoline has the most complete line up of branded solutions, what kind of transmission fluid does a nissan sentra take - it is recommended by nissan to have your sentra s transmission fluid inspected every 3 000 miles or once a month and drained and filled with the proper transmission fluid every 30 000 miles transmission fluid type the type of transmission fluid that nissan recommends for your sentra is dexon ii automatic transmission fluid or equal, can you use atf in a manual transmission thoughtco - answer transmission fluid for manual transmissions the purpose of the transmission fluid in a manual transmission is to lubricate the moving parts in the transmission while automatic transmissions generate more heat and break down the automatic transmission fluid manual transmissions do not, what type of transmission fluid for saturn answers com - what type of transmission fluid does a saturn sc2 2002 use when adding fluids to the car it is important to add the right typeof fluids a 2002 saturn sc2 uses dexron iii mercon transmissionfluid, what kind of fluid does a 5 speed transmission take in a - answers best answer it uses automatic transmission fluid however more and more people are using 5 weight motor oil instead as it cuts down on the noise of some of thee units this site might help you i like to use automatic transmission fluid in my manual transmission if you drive your car in cold climates it will shift easier