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venom lethal protector wikipedia - venom lethal protector venom lethal protector was a six issue comic book limited series featuring the eddie brock venom published by marvel comics from february 1993 to july 1993 it was written by david michelinie and illustrated mostly by mark bagley although ron lim and series colorist sam delarosa pencilled, amazon com venom lethal protector 9780785158479 david - venom lethal protector was the first marvel comics mini series of many starring venom as the titular character, venom lethal protector 1 ebay - venom lethal protector 1 1993 nm 9 2 marvel comics red foil direct sales cover, venom lethal protector vol 1 1 marvel database fandom - venom lethal protector vol 1 1 please do not move this page yet as the correct name could still be in discussion and may change again soon a robot will make the necessary page moves once any discussions are resolved, venom lethal protector 4 ebay - venom lethal protector 4 nm 1st app scream donna diego ships free, venom lethal protector 1993 comic books - lethal protector part 1 dark soul drifting script by david michelinie pencils by mark bagley inks by al milgrom and sam de la rosa venom moves to san fransisco to try out his new protection of innocents racket venom and spidey save a group of homeless folk 36 pgs full color 2 95, venom lethal protector graphicaudio net - venom quickly draws attention first from a furious spider man who s certain brock has broken his word then from a team of armored enemies who set out to kill the lethal protector venom joins forces with the web spinner only to face an even deadlier threat five trained killers each wearing a symbiotic suit like brock s, lethal protector story arc comic vine - after dealing a truce with spider man venom would relocating to san francisco starting out as a lethal protector venom would come across a hidden underground city inhabited by the homeless a man known as roland treece was sending hired guns to exterminate these people so he could claim the hidden gold reserve below the underground city