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death traps to treasure spanish and mexican mine traps - the only good thing or rather positive aspect related to discovering a death trap is the absolute confirmation that you have broken the map s code correctly or followed the instructions properly for you assuredly are in the immediate area of a major mine or treasure or possibly both, reading treasure map signs and symbols expanded edition - reading treasure map signs and symbols expanded edition with more symbols and meanings mr mitchell waite on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers an indepth look at reading treasure maps symbol by symbol the book also proposes solutions for several well known spanish treasure maps and symbols found in the superstition mountains of arizona, signs and symbols of voodoo exposing satanism - the voodoo doll is a form of gris gris a ritualized form of invoking the spirits or fate to act in a defined way towards a targeted person gris gris also spelled grigri is a voodoo amulet originating in africa which is believed to protect the wearer from evil or brings luck, signs and symbols of satanism exposing satanism and - you can be saved from satan s snare find out how here i have rearranged all of the signs and symbols according to what they represent if you don t see what your looking for here check the following links, forrest fenn treasure facts mysterious writings - the following is a collection of facts about the hidden treasure of forrest fenn i realize fact is a pretty strong word some people may not think it is fact forrest fenn has hidden a million dollar or more treasure, treasurenet the original treasure hunting website - browse thousands of messages related to treasure hunting archaeology history metal detecting relic hunting caches sunken treasures shipwrecks buried treasures gold prospecting and more participate in our online treasure hunt