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hf omni directional antennas antenna products corporation - lmv fixed station vertically polarized log periodic monopole antenna suitable for short range groundwave circuits and medium to long range skywave circuits in the 2 5 30 mhz and 3 5 30 mhz frequency band lph fixed station horizontally and vertically polarized log periodic antennas horizontally polarized antennas include short range 2 30 mhz 3 30 mhz 4 30 mhz short medium range 2 30, communications antennas tci international spectrum - our customers rely on the high sensitivity and accuracy of our spectrum communications antennas learn more abotu tci communications antennas, antenna magus list of antennas explore features - the antennas listed below are available in the antenna magus database for each of these antennas antenna magus offers detailed information synthesis algorithms performance estimations and ready to run simulation models, antennas cavity backed slot antennas antenna theory - the cavity backed slot antenna is studied the basic principles of cavity backed slot antennas are presented along with design parameters, multiband monopole and microstrip patch antennas for gsm - multiband monopole and microstrip patch antennas for gsm and dcs bands a guidance to design monopole 2d and 3d and microstrip patch antennas by using ansoft hfss without experience georgios giannakopoulos on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this book is mainly concerned with the design construction and testing of a dual band monopole microstrip patch antenna, understanding and finding the invisible antennas in your - henry w ott hoc electromagnetic compatibility reducing antenna radiation efficiency loop reduce area canceling loops dithering of frequency dipole monopole reduce dipole current short out the two halves of the antenna aperture minimize the max linear dimension, ets lindgren public website antennas - antennas ets lindgren s antennas are designed with the latest computational modeling tools manufactured with exacting precision and individually tested characterized and or calibrated in our a2la accredited lab, a h systems emi and emc antennas and accessories - a h systems manufactures antennas accessories and offers services for the emi emc compliance industry, log periodic antenna wikipedia - history the log periodic antenna was invented by dwight e isbell raymond duhamel and variants by paul mayes the university of illinois at urbana champaign had patented the isbell and mayes carrel antennas and licensed the design as a package exclusively to jfd electronics in new york channel master and blonder tongue ignored the patents and produced a wide range of antennas based on this, amateur radio antenna projects ac6v - ac6v s homebrew antennas links including antenna theory note the following antenna projects were gathered from the internet therefore the author does not endorse any of the projects you are on your own, hflink ale antennas selcall antennas automatic link - ale and selcall antennas for automatic link establishment and scanning selective calling, ism band and short range device antennas rev a - swra046a ism band and short range device antennas 3 1 antenna basics 1 1 fundamental definitions antennas are the connecting link between rf signals in an electrical circuit such as a pcb and, shortwave antennas kv5r com - introduction who needs this article anyone who is a new shortwave radio listener shortwave listening is a bit more complicated than am or fm radio listening and satisfactory results depend upon designing and installing a good antenna, fiberglass construction hidden cell towers monopole - lentech composites makes hidden cell towers monopole antennas and bullet proof materials with fiberglass and other composite materials lentech is located in phoenix arizona, mobile vhf antennas k0bg - antenna s was slightly lower 7 70 with the 5 8 wave the lowest 7 60 in all the elevation plots the lowest significant lobe was about 9