Itasca Flac User Manual -

flac3d options itasca consulting group - dynamic option the dynamic analysis option permits three dimensional fully dynamic analysis with flac3d user specified acceleration velocity or stress waves can be input directly to the model either as an exterior boundary condition or an interior excitation to the model, software examples itasca consulting group - the following examples are intended to help itasca software users to become familiar with their software particularly first time users however intermediate and advanced examples are also provided to demonstrate suggested workflow and the tools available, application of the convergence confinement method of - this paper discusses the practical application of the convergence confinement method of tunnel design to rock masses that satisfy the hoek brown failure criterion, the brazilian disc test for rock mechanics applications - the development of the brazilian disc test for determining indirect tensile strength and its applications in rock mechanics are reviewed herein based on the history of research on the brazilian test by analytical experimental and numerical approaches three research stages can be identified most