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engine list atomic rockets - most propulsion systems fall into two categories suv and economy suv propulsion is like an suv automobile big and muscular but the blasted thing gets a pathetic three miles to the gallon, george constantinesco inertial transmission us patent - constantinesco inertial transmission patents articles george constantinesco was born in romania and arrived in london in november 1910, realistic designs g m atomic rockets - the engine is spherical the outer layer is the pressure vessel since both the propellant and uranium gas needs lots of pressure to make this thing work a layer of beryllium oxide beo moderator a neutron reflector to help the uranium undergo nuclear fission and an inner porous slotted cavity liner that injects the cold propellant to be heated, can dark energy be explained by symmetrons phys org - estimated constraints on symmetron dark energy a new model in which fifth forces between massive objects play a role in accelerating the universe s expansion credit upadhye 2012 american, the formula for the coriolis acceleration is fjcollazo com - a further explanation of the coriolis effect section 11 4 is provided by fig 1 the left part a shows a westerly wind blowing over australia part b shows the wind blowing in the same direction as seen in a fixed frame of reference three hours later when the earth s rotation has turned the continent around by 45 degrees, time travel science pseudoscience fiction and news - physics time travel to the past is theoretically allowed using the following methods wormholes and alcubierre drive wormholes are a hypothetical warped spacetime which are also permitted by the einstein field equations of general relativity although it would be impossible to travel through a wormhole unless it were what is known as a traversable wormhole, what causes gravity dark energy the new aether - the cause of gravity remains illusive despite exhaustive mental effort applied to the subject this is an intuitive contribution to the theory of gravity, knights of sidonia manga tv tropes - an anime adaptation premiered on april 10 2014 it is being produced by polygon pictures the 3dcg studio behind transformers prime and star wars the clone wars as its 30th anniversary work notably it was licensed and dubbed by netflix as one of their original shows it was later announced that sentai filmworks got the license to release the series on home video