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the flower farmer an organic grower s guide to raising - the domestic cut flower business has experienced a renaissance in the past decade thanks in large part to the first edition of the flower farmer an organic grower s guide to raising and selling cut flowers which helped thousands of small growers start successful businesses, the winter harvest handbook year round vegetable - choosing locally grown organic food is a sustainable living trend that s taken hold throughout north america celebrated farming expert eliot coleman helped start this movement with the new organic grower published 20 years ago, best nutrients fertilizers for growing cannabis 2018 - general organics has gained in popularity over the years farmers and gardeners specializing in organic growing have developed a large following with this product it works great for both soil gardening and water or hydroponic cannabis gardens, ol buffalo garden and small farm page three peaks - selected resources for the gardener beekeeper and small scale farmer additional resources for energy independence, growing shallots veggie gardening tips - have you discovered the joy of using fresh shallots in your gourmet cooking if so do you frown and question why this delicious gourmet vegetable is so expensive, where to buy compost tips for finding the good stuff - there are a few important things you need to know about where to buy compost i ve written before about how to make compost but some gardeners will buy it, the food timeline history notes charlotte to millet - cranberries most americans associate cranberries with thanksgiving turkey they are often classed as new world food not entirely true botanists and linguists confirm several varieties of berries from different parts of the northern temperate regions have been called cranberry, organic marijuana the definitive guide - organic marijuana at its finest grown in nature s soil free of chemicals pollutants and leaving zero negative environmental impact, cheap and easy deer fencing that actually works - and then one day i was commiserating with another friend a gardener and grower who takes her plantings pretty seriously too she shared with me an incredibly easy and cheap solution to keep the deer out and i went straight home and did exactly what she said and gentle readers it worked perfectly, how to make cannabis cbd infused oil nourish and thrive - how to make cannabis cbd infused oil by grow forage cook ferment 117 comments this post may contain affiliate links from which i earn a commission at no extra cost to you, the hidden dangers of straw bale gardening the grow - straw bale gardening can destroy your garden a bold claim but it s true and the evidence is mounting straw bale gardens have taken off over the last decade or so, companion planting table deep green permaculture - hi kevin thanks for raising this question southernwood is a great companion plant it is a fantastic insect repellant and from my understanding is beneficial to many fruit trees definitely recommended