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amazon com five point someone what not to do at iit - five point someone is chetan bhagat s debut novel which revolves around the lives of ryan alok and hari the three lads become close friends while trying hard to survive in an exceedingly competitive environment, five point someone wikipedia - five point someone what not to do at iit is a 2004 novel written by indian author chetan bhagat the book sold more than a million copies worldwide the popular hindi movie 3 idiots is based on this book, iit 65920 security tamper proof 6 point star bit set torx - iit 65920 security tamper proof 6 point star bit set torx socket tamperproof screwdriver bit sets amazon com, know all about iit b tech admissions 2018 ignite engineers - established in 1951 iit kharagpur sets the foundation of indian institute of technology iit to foster excellence in education an act of parliament took a move towards the building of iits at kharagpur bombay delhi kanpur madras roorkee and guwahati laid the foundation for state of the art technical education in the country, prayer salat according to five islamic schools of law - 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