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mathematics and computer science math slos - math 50 slo math 50 students will be able to simplify expressions math 50 students will be able to solve a linear equation when performing a problem math 50 students will present a logical step by step argument leading to a correct conclusion, gr bner basis wikipedia - in mathematics and more specifically in computer algebra computational algebraic geometry and computational commutative algebra a gr bner basis is a particular kind of generating set of an ideal in a polynomial ring k x 1 x n over a field k a gr bner basis allows many important properties of the ideal and the associated algebraic variety to be deduced easily such as the dimension, differential algebra colloquium publications amer - published 53 years ago this book gives an overview of an area of mathematics that has found applications in algebraic diophantine and differential geometry model theory painleve theory integrable systems automatic theorem proving combinatorics difference equations and symbolic programming, math questions math answers solving math problems - ask math questions you want answered share your favorite solution to a math problem share a story about your experiences with math which could inspire or help others, elementary linear algebra 007 ron larson amazon com - the cornerstone of elementary linear algebra is the authors clear careful and concise presentation of material written so that students can fully understand how mathematics works, learning mathematical and pedagogical content algebra - learnzillion is a great resource to use for teachers who wish to refresh their knowledge of mathematical content as well as instructors who wish to deepen their understanding of what the content standards of the ccss for mathematics mean, numerical analysis department of computer science - dedication to the memory of ed conway1 who along with his colleagues at tulane university provided a stable adaptive and inspirational starting point for my career 1edward daire conway iii 1937 1985 was a student of eberhard friedrich ferdinand hopf at the university of indiana, mathematics the learning point - introduction to matrices part ii problems and solved examples based on the sub topics mentioned above some of the problems in this part demonstrate finding the rank inverse or characteristic equations of matrices, matrix computations wolfram language documentation - this tutorial reviews the functions that mathematica provides for carrying out matrix computations further information on these functions can be found in standard mathematical texts by such authors as golub and van loan or meyer the operations described in this tutorial are unique to matrices an exception is the computation of norms which also extends to scalars and vectors