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tspdt david cronenberg theyshootpictures com - horror for cronenberg is not a game or a meal ticket it is rather the natural expression for one of the best directors working today for cronenberg s subject is the intensity of human frailty and decay in short the boy and its many accelerated mutations whether out of disease anger dread or hope, directors bonnie schiffman photography - carrie fisher and penny marshall david cronenberg david lynch, jew or not jew choosing the chosen people - jewornotjew com your source for who is jewish and who is not, shivers they came from within the parasite murders - a gripping exercise in body horror and social paranoia prolific canadian director david cronenberg s debut feature offers a startling look at modern isolationist society with a parasitic twist, david cronenberg discusses his brush with star wars the - director david cronenberg who recently received the film maker on the edge award from the provincetown film festival in massachusetts and discussed the time he turned down the opportunity to direct return of the jedi, the fly 1986 rotten tomatoes - the fly is one of the more realistically creepy films you will ever see with great pacing leading up to the incredible transformation david cronenberg s fantastic picture is all about suspense, tspdt the 1 000 greatest films top 250 directors - listed below are according to tspdt the 250 most critically acclaimed filmmakers of all time as per the 1 000 greatest films this list has been compiled from a large resource of film lists additionally also factored in are many best director polls alongside each director s name in brackets is the position each director held in february 2017 s version, the student films of 20 famous directors mental floss - we all have to start somewhere before they conquered hollywood these famous directors made student films 1 george lucas freiheit the creator of star wars has become an industry unto himself, eastern promises movie poster 1 of 2 imp awards - high resolution official theatrical movie poster 1 of 2 for eastern promises 2007 image dimensions 900 x 1333 directed by david cronenberg starring naomi watts viggo mortensen vincent cassel armin mueller stahl, david cronenberg sfd cz - cronenberg se narodil 15 3 1943 a vystudoval university of toronto kde se za al zaj mat o film b hem studi produkoval dva 16mm sn mky transfer a from the drain, 2002 sight sound film survey cinemacom - top movies selected by 2002 sight sound survey of 253 international film critics and directors