Conflict And Chaos In Eastern Europe -

ukraine crisis news pictures videos about russia s - complete coverage on the crisis in ukraine including news pictures videos related to russia s occupation, 2014 pro russian unrest in ukraine wikipedia - from the end of february 2014 demonstrations by pro russian and anti government groups took place in major cities across the eastern and southern regions of ukraine in the aftermath of the euromaidan movement and the 2014 ukrainian revolution, syria conflict russians killed in us air strikes bbc news - at least two russian fighters were killed in us air strikes in north eastern syria last week their associates have told the bbc the mercenaries are said to have been hired by private military firms backing syrian pro government troops russia has not confirmed the deaths that were first reported, ukraine cyber attack chaos as national bank state power - news world europe ukraine cyber attack chaos as national bank state power provider and airport hit by hackers russian energy firms and danish shipping company also hit by hackers, mh17 missile owned by russian brigade investigators say - the missile that downed a malaysia airlines flight over eastern ukraine in 2014 belonged to a russian brigade international investigators say for the first time the dutch led team said the missile had come from a unit based in western russia all 298 people on board the boeing 777 died when it