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code reading the open source perspective v 1 diomidis - diomidis spinellis has been developing the concepts presented in this book since 1985 while also writing groundbreaking software applications and working on multimillion line code bases spinellis holds an m eng degree in software engineering and a ph d in computer science from imperial college london currently he is an associate professor in the department of management science and, open source software wikipedia - when an author contributes code to an open source project e g apache org they do so under an explicit license e g the apache contributor license agreement or an implicit license e g the open source license under which the project is already licensing code, effective debugging 66 specific ways to debug software - effective debugging 66 specific ways to debug software and systems effective software development series diomidis spinellis on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers every software developer and it professional understands the crucial importance of effective debugging, 15 rules for writing quality code informit - diomidis spinellis author of code quality the open source perspective lists the 15 most important rules for writing sparkling code follow them and your code will look professional live long grow smoothly and earn your colleagues love rather than swearing, terminology what is spaghetti code stack overflow - can you post a short example of real overdone spaghetti code possibly saying what it does can you show me a little debugger s nightmare i don t mean ioccc code that is science fiction i mean real life examples that happened to you, ccfinder in articles the archive of ccfinder official site - ccfinder in articles under construction this page will show the list of papers that refer ccfinder or x if you have a published paper using ccfinder or x and it is not listed in this page so please kindly inform me