Asp Net Site Performance Secrets Perdeck Matt -

asp net performance generate css sprites and thumbnail - the features shown above can all be switched on and off individually in the asp net css sprite generator package via the web config file full description if you just install the package and not do any further configuration it combines all png and gif images except animated images that are no more than 100px wide and high into sprites which is most commonly what you want, matt perdeck unit testing javascript as part of tfs build - 1 a separate package sinonjs can provide support for spies and stubbing and mocking for qunit tests 2 pause the runner to wait for an async response from the server settimeout etc 3 executed before after each test 4 so you don t have to wait 10 seconds for a 10 second timeout 5 missing var in variable declaration makes variable global 6 depending on your browser can make it easier to