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the apostolic fathers greek texts and english - following the publication of his revised translations in the apostolic fathers in english 3rd ed michael holmes a leading expert on these texts offers a thoroughly revised and redesigned bilingual edition featuring greek or latin and english on facing pages introductions and bibliographies are generous and up to date in the textual apparatus existing notes have been revised and, eusebius ecclesiastical history volume ii books 6 10 - oulton s translation is a must for the scholar and church historian this volume books vi x addresses such things as the novatian heresy various martyrs the apocalypse of john and constantine and the acceptance of christianity as the roman religion, catholic encyclopedia fathers of the church - the word father is used in the new testament to mean a teacher of spiritual things by whose means the soul of man is born again into the likeness of christ, didache the teaching of the twelve apostles information - introductory notice to the teaching of the twelve apostles the interest so generally excited in the learned world by the bryennios discovery of a very primitive document rendered it indispensable that this republication should be enriched by it in connection with the apostolic constitutions so called which had been reserved for the concluding volume of the series, timeline of christianity wikipedia - the year one is the first year in the christian calendar there is no year zero which is the calendar presently used in unison with the gregorian calendar almost everywhere in the world traditionally this was held to be the year jesus was born however most modern scholars argue for an earlier or later date the most agreed upon being between 6 bc and 4 bc, loeb classical library harvard university press - this selection of lapidary nuggets drawn from 33 of antiquity s major authors includes poetry dialogue philosophical writing history descriptive reporting satire and fiction giving a glimpse at the wide range of arts and sciences thought and styles of greco roman culture, clement of alexandria stromata book 3 - clement of alexandria stromata book 3 translation roberts donaldson on early christian writings