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30 30 loads using 2400 gunloads com - the original 1958 cast bullet handbook lists 20 grains under the 311466 150 grain shooting 1 1 2 at 100 yards that s what i m going to use in a savage 340, reloading data expert info on hand loading norma - norma s reloading manual this second edition of normas reloading manual is available in an english version and is an update of our first manual that was published in 2004, 308 win cartridge guide within accurateshooter com - the 308 win mvp of modern cartridges originally created by the u s army to replace the 30 06 the 308 winchester 7 62x51 in military form ranks among the most versatile and popular centerfire cartridges in the world the, reloading the 454 casull reloading pages of m d smith - return to previous page reloading the 454 casull mds 2009 shown above a 45 colt 454 casull and the 460 s w magnum hp hollow point rn round nose fmc, reloading 500 s w magnum page reloadammo com - return to previous page reloading the 500 s w magnum hp hollow point rn round nose fmc full metal case fmj full metal jacket jhp jacketed hollow point and if gc indicated means gas check at bottom of lead bullet, reloading page chuckhawks com - the guns and shooting online reloading page with extensive and detailed information for handloaders, shotgunworld com favorite red dot and 7 8 12 ga loads - yes i use red dot and its more economical equivalent promo also made by alliant here in the us i can t proceed without stating what may be obvious and that is the fact that the two hulls you list win cf and fed gm are entirely different hull designs, news survivor s sks boards index - using a chronograph in handloading finding the practical maximum velocity and other things for years chronographs were a very expensive piece of equipment that were beyond the financial reach of the average hobbyist reloader, 308 brass in a 307 shooters forum - i m surprised that nobody in the know has piped up on this yet i ve read from several different sources that you can substitute 308 brass for 307 similar to necking 308 brass up for use in the 356, speer 130 grain bullet shooters forum - taylor i have shot the speer 130 grain bullet a fair amount in the 307 for quite a long time this was the most accurate bullet in my rifle i have shot quite a number of sub one inch groups with this bullet from the bench when i did my part, just 1 bullet for the 308 win and elk sized game - my first choice wouild be the 180 gr nosler partition at 2500 2600 fps out of a 308 it should open quite well out to 300 yds or more that s because the similar 7mm 160 gr versions have for me at similar velocities, table of handgun and rifle cartridges wikipedia - this is a table of selected pistol submachine gun and rifle machine gun cartridges by common name data values are the highest found for the cartridge and might not occur in the same load e g the highest muzzle energy might not be in the same load as the highest muzzle velocity since the bullet weights can differ between loads, whelen s northwoods trails 35 caliber site 35 whelen - shooting and handloading information forum about 35 caliber cartridges bullets and rifles featuring hunting photos stories and advice